April 13, 2010

Painting for me is a process of evaluation, eliminating what is not essential and changing elements until

I feel a connection with my painting, not with the subject but with my painting, These painting were done

from my imagination as I feel a greater freedom relying on my own judgement .

I began the bottom painting first , working my way to the abstract, it just evolves this way for

me, it’s a process of eliminating and simplifying.


4 Responses to “”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Great to see these images! Looking forward to more posts and your perspective.

  2. In your mind do you predetermine your color palette? Does it start to happen on the palette, on the painting, or first in your minds eye for paintings that evolve out of your imagination? The two center paintings look very Dan McCaw in color, reminiscent of a lot of your earlier figurative work. I’m glad you’ve doing this blog. I am very interested in process and you are excellent at explaining your own creative process. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Melinda Says:

    Hi Dan!
    OK, it’s May. We need another entry. =) Or some words of wisdom….Did I mention that I am happy to help with that next “novel”?…….

    Hope all is well!!!!

    ps. I actually may be getting better… Had some good paintings recently. I’ll send some pics. to you….

  4. Joe Pastor Says:

    I really like these landscape paintings. The topmost pic has some Diebenkorn, the remaining three have a neat sense of mood and atmospheric perspective. I don’t usually think of you as a landscape painter but I would be please to have any of these hanging in my house, nice.


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