May 15, 2010

These heads are my attempt to push myself past the comfortable, familiar and safe. I am not trying to paint a “beautiful painting”

but a painting that has beauty in the design,  exaggerations,  textures,  and the energy of paint. At some point in the

painting, I have to find an emotional connection, something not found in the subjects likeness something that may be undefinable but is

felt when it comes closer to touching my true nature.

These paintings are not to answer any question but to make you think, participate, to stretch your imagination

and to question. these are the paintings that happen along my journey to find my own voice, they are like small towns we stop

in for a short time and then continue on a our journey.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Jack A. Morris, Jr. Says:

    You are an exceptional painter and these are exceptional paintings. We must find a way to make them available to serious collectors. I know that it is essential for you to make a living…but we also have to keep you alive.

  2. Sergio Lopez Says:

    Hi Dan,

    It was so great to meet you at the studio today. Let me tell you, your paintings make so much more sense than they ever did before. Not only seeing them in real life, but to see the progression of your paintings and your philosophy in your journey as an artist. It was incredibly inspiring and I will remember your words… I do hope you continue to blog, and that Al helps you with your Facebook!

  3. Logan Maxwell Hagege Says:

    HI Dan, great to see your blog. Hope you keep it up with many more posts!


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